About Fat Beat's Inc
Fat Beat's Inc is family-owned and operated in Atlanta, GA. Since opening in 2006, we treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch. 
Byron Ferguson, Sr-I started this business in in 2002 because I was told I can do it.So I started teaching the art of drumming & things took off. I then added other things like my live band Remixx & a DJ. People started asking me if they can rent my equipment So I added it to the business. When the band practice in the lab we record it on 32 tracks (2488 Tascam Portastudio & Roland VS 840 for Drums) the room is small so I had a vocal Booth put in so now I have a small studio.Next me & Jr started getting call for gigs & shows with other bands & groups so I added the Musician Referral service where I find musicians for people that need them. I love all styles of music plus the challenge of learning & playing them, I'm Always thinking next level.
Elizabeth Ferguson -  Hi,My job is the make sure all business dealings with Fat Beat's Inc & The band Remixx is done right. I make appointments for drum lessons for students,print out the contracts,keep up with Equipment Rentals,take phone call & setup shows,Write out Gig/ Infomation Sheets and receipts. I also help out with band when needed behind the scene.
Shunika Ferguson -  My part of the company is the Videography and Photography. I take pictures and record videos for the Band Remixx & for all events. Birthday Parties, Weddings, Anniversary, etc.........
Byron Ferguson, Jr. -